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About Automotive Solutions LLC

Providing products and services for Corporate, Small business and Do-It-Yourselfers . . .

Automotive Solutions are quality providers of original and aftermarket air conditioning replacement parts and components. We offer compressors, evaporators, condensers, receiver driers, expansion valves, heater cores, radiators, cooling fan assemblies, cabin air filters, electro fans, hose, fittings, tools and the entire line to serve all your automotive and truck air conditioning needs. We have products for American, Japanese, Korean and European vehicles.

If you need a special part or component for a particular project, our engineers and global partners can help with the design, engineering, development and manufacturing of such special part. We would need your engineering drawings, specifications and quantity requirements to give you a competitive quote. 

Moreover, periodically we email our customers information about opportunities in the market place concerning overstock situations, production over-runs, stock lifts, etc.; which usually are very profitable opportunities for our clients. We work with suppliers and manufacturers who contact us when they have excess inventory, so we may help them move this merchandise. Such merchandise is in good condition and usually very well priced. Our customers like this feature, because they and their customers can benefit from the lower prices and availability. 

We trust you will consider Automotive Solutions as a serious supplier for your firm and allow us to demonstrate our ability to help you generate greater sales and profits for your company.